According to 24 CFR 3286.409 all retailers/installers must contact and arrange for an inspection 10 days before the completion of the house. Consistent with 24 CFR 3286.511, any individual or entity that meets at least one of the following qualifications is permitted to review the work and verify the installation of a manufactured home that is subject to the requirements of the HUD-administered installation program:
  • A manufactured home or residential building inspector employed by the local authority having jurisdiction over the site of the home, provided that the jurisdiction has a residential code enforcement program
  • A professional engineer
  • A registered architect
  • A HUD-accepted Production Inspection Primary Inspection Agency (IPIA) or a Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency (DAPIA)
  • An International Code Council certified inspector.
The inspector must be independent of the manufacturer, the retailer, the installer, and any other person that has a monetary interest, other than collection of an inspection fee, in the completion of the sale of the home to the purchaser.
Need an inspector?

Please click here for a list of third-party inspectors in your area that are available to inspect manufactured homes. 
If you are interested in being listed as a qualified inspector of manufactured homes, please contact us today to discuss options and requirements.

Inspection Verification (HUD 309 Form)
Installers are required to have a qualified inspector complete the HUD Manufactured Home Installation Certification and Verification Report (HUD 309) whenever a home is installed. Completed HUD 309 Forms should be submitted by email, fax or mail. Information is available on the Contact page. 

Obtain a copy of the HUD 309 Form
Inspector Training 
NOTE: Inspector training does not qualify or certify you to inspect Manufactured Homes for this program. An individual must meet one of the criteria outlined above. If you are unsure whether or not you meet the criteria, please contact us before taking the training. 

Manufactured Housing Educational Institute (MHEI)
MHEI has created a multi-module course designed to provide training for inspectors of manufactured home installations in the thirteen HUD- Administered Manufactured Home Installation Program states. Inspectors of manufactured home installations may not be familiar with the manufactured housing industry, the HUD-Code home construction process, and the regulatory differences between site-built homes and manufactured homes. This course is designed to provide a regulatory overview of the industry for the inspector as well as details on how manufactured homes are installed. Much of the training is the same as the training provided to the installers of the homes. This course will help the inspector know what to look for when inspecting the installation of a home and completing the inspection items included in the Form HUD 309. You can find the website by visiting the Installers Page. 

Industrialized Housing Institute (IHI)

IHI offers an eight-hour Manufactured Home Installation Inspector Certification class. This class is specifically designed by Patrick Lewis, CBO for engineers, architects and ICC/IRC building inspectors. This class will identify the unique differences between HUD and IRC constructed homes. Participants will learn HUD's manufactured home installation requirements, what to inspect and how to document their findings. Each qualified professional passing this class will receive a Manufactured Home Inspector Certification. This class will be eligible for ICC code related continuing education credits. You can find the website by visiting the Installers Page. 

HUD Memo on Inspector Responsibilities
Click here to find a memo from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding inspector responsibilities when inspecting manufactured home and the HUD Manufactured Home Installer Certification and Verification Report (Form HUD 309).
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has provided the Office of Manufactured Housing with a response to a question asked by a Maryland code official regarding the issuance of certificates of occupancy for installations performed by non-licensed installers in HUD-Administered states. You can find a copy of the question and answer
here .